I will survive...

Well, I survived my first week of two-a-days,
yes, that means I worked out twice everyday.

Hard, but worth it, I'm up against a deadline.
(curse that 30th birthday coming up)

I'm planning on doing the whole thing again this week.
I hope to have a little more energy this week and maybe
a little less sore!

I will survive.


an apple a day...

Google apple and nutritional facts and you will find a treasure trove of why this delicious little fruit is one of a kind. There are so many benefits I simply refuse to name them all in this post but believe me, the spectrum is amazingly broad from "digestion" to "depression", apparently this scrumptious little fruit has it all!

So why am I bringing this up? Well, after receiving my plentiful box of apples I ordered from Utah, I've realized I must do something with these red delicious delights! So... I remembered something I heard on the news a while back, it was called The Apple Diet.

The Apple Diet is really, quite simple and based on common sense,
I love common sense.

Only one rule:

15 minutes before consuming any meal, eat a delicious apple.

That's it, really, I think I can handle that.

I looked up the study, here's a portion of what it said:
"A study shows an apple a day keeps the calories at bay. People who ate an apple about 15 minutes before lunch consumed almost 190 fewer calories than when they didn't have the apple."

So cheers to An Apple A Day!

I'll let you know how it goes....


one hundred pushups.

i found this website via another blogger (i can't remember where, so i can't give proper credit...sorry). it is something simple and basic to do and it is very do-able. and so, the challenge is on.

i started on monday and so far, so good. it's just a few minutes a day and i am guessing that once i start achieving results with this, it will inspire me to try more and to do more. at least that is the goal, right? right.

so, now i'm challenging you all to join me in this endeavor. and after seven weeks, we can all have a "gun show."

{image via one hundred pushups.}


oh my.

so, remember that whole do-over situation.
well, i'm claiming my second do-over right now.
sound good?


do-over ditto

Can I have my do-over starting next week - I am going to try to make better decisions this week, but don't know if the stress of the week will be any help. I'm definitely aiming for my do-over next week . . .


the best thing about this whole getting into shape thing is that you are allowed as many do-overs as you need. this week, i'm using one of those. i've needed one for quite awhile now and this week i'm stepping up. i'll keep ya posted.


an update

I never updated after my 'weigh in' last week. I had lost another lb. last week, which I guess is better than nothing! I think that brings my grand total to a little over 14 lbs. I'm still blaming the slow going on my bad workout schedule. I'm getting better at being more consistent so I'm hoping to see better results this next week. I'm trying to get out running at least three times a week. I have found I have less excuses not to go at 5 in the morning, really I tried to think of one today but couldn't! I haven't 'weighed in' this week yet, but I'll keep you posted. Life's been crazy! Kristen, Julie feel free to chime in anytime!